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Comfort and safety

You will set off in a comfortable but not very big (for 15 people) air-conditioned minibus. So you won’t have to see the attractions of Crete in a huge crowd of tourists while we will be able to attend everyone. In terms of comfort our excursions are more like individual ones but the cost is lower than that offered by most major tour operators. There is a 30% discount for children under 10 and 100% for children under 4. Moreover, we give a 10% discount if you request a group excursion and apply as a whole group of up to 15 people.

We will always meet your needs. Aitidis Travel offices are in Panormos and Bali but you can contact to require our services from any other city or town in the vicinity of Rethimno. We’ll pick you up ourselves and take you back afterwards.

Your safety is our priority. All our clients are insured. You will be taken to an excursion by an experienced professional driver and a certified guide.

There is a wide range of various services we provide. We help to solve daily holiday issues like transfer, renting a vehicle (from cars to yachts), a villa or an apartment. We also offer shopping tours, fishing and unforgettable celebrations: wedding and christening parties, romantic evenings… everything to make your holiday carefree and truly special.

Discover your own Crete together with us!