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Start - end time
07:45 - 20:00
Available every
Price Adults / Child
45€ / 35€
Meet-up point
Bali, Panormo and Rethymno

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    You should not miss this excursion!

    We will spend an unforgettable day in the most south-western point of the island, in one of
    the most picturesque and unique places.
    Elafonisi is a place of rare natural beauty, it is included in the environmental protection
    program Natura 2000. Once this place was under the influence of pirates, and now it is the
    most popular destination for those who want to spend a day on a stunning tropical beach
    while being in Crete.

    Elafonisi is a paradise on earth, the island is covered with sand dunes, stunted trees, shrubs,
    sand lilies and a monogram.
    White and pink sand, which has its own unique color thanks to thousands of crushed sea
    shells, clear blue-green water, small coves and secluded tiny beaches will remind travelers
    of the lost paradise.

    You will have 4 hours to enjoy this beauty.

    There are no additional costs