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Start - end time
07:45 - 15:00
Available every
tuesday, saturday
Price Adults / Child
30€ / 22€
Meet-up point
Bali, Panormo and Rethymno

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    Knossos Palace is considered the main of Crete. Dedalos built the legendary Minotaur
    labyrinth in about 2000 BC. This cradle of the first European civilization, is a place which is
    still shrouded in mystery and riddles.
    After a visit to Knossos, we will go to the capital of the Crete – Heraklion. You can visit the
    Archaeological museum. The Heraklion Archaeological museum is regarded as one os
    Europe’s most important museums. You can also walk in the city and see the main
    attractions: Morozini fountain or “the Lions”, church of St. Marco ‘s, Venetian Loggia, Church
    of St. Titus and other.

    Additional expenses: Entrance tickets to the Knossos Palace and Archaeological Museum
    20€, kids up to 18 years free and adults over 65 years 8€